The Observer Effect

What does it mean to be there, to observe others and yourself within the frameworks of perceived realities? Are you really present in body and mind at every instance in your life? The places you visited, the places you stayed, the people you met, and may never see again, the perfume of spring unleashed, the sunrise’s first warming rays, the tears absorbed in stone, the sound of laughter shared. Were you really there, welcoming your experiences or had you become a fugitive from your own senses? These are all questions, which this body of work tries to purify. I don’t necessarily seek for answers but for elemental questions, which sometimes need no answers at all or get their fulfillment through simplicity. In a modern world where communication has become widespread and is accessible more easily and by more people than at any other point in human history, senses and experiences are easily overlooked and/or undermined, as pathways to knowledge and consciousness. For me “to know” is similar but vastly different from “to be conscious of”. Knowledge nowadays tends to be superficial and upon close examination I find that, what I thought was real is not necessarily true. I can read all the books in the world about “loss” but what that knowledge cannot show me is how I will feel at the actual loss of a loved one. It’s the being conscious of that knowledge that’s important. It’s the being conscious with all my senses that forces me to alter my perspective on myself and the world , to take action in what I believe and to come a step closer to my self-awareness. It’s the difference between knowing my ideas and feeling my ideas. I should not be afraid to be afraid. So next time I ask what freedom is, don’t tell me…show me.